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We endeavor to build strong character that helps students understand and appreciate the right values.

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To impart an integral education, that is global and all-comprehensive, based on a strong foundation of Indian tradition, culture, and values. At Creative Minds, we believe education should empower children to live a balanced happy life. We endeavor to build strong character that helps students understand and appreciate the right values.

Special Attractions

  • Specialized Curriculum- Mylestone, Noida
  • 12 Foreign Languages - McGraw Hills
  • Robotics- Cretile, Bangalore
  • Communicative English- ILM Bangalore
  • Sports- School of Sports, Chennai
  • School App- SchoolPad, Mohali
  • Sports Equipments- Pan India, Pune
  • Science Games
  • Phonics
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The desire to make a meaningful contribution to society is a goal, which can drive you to accomplish something great. Only a literate, critically thinking young population will be able to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth in the country. Schools are the primary platform for delivering this. Thus On 1st April 2012, Two visionaries Mr. Vikas & Mrs. Sneha Madnani, laid the foundation of their dream project: Creative Minds Pre School (A unit of Glass & Gold Education Pvt Ltd).
Renowned for its innovative activities and unique teaching style, Creative Minds Pre School received phenomenal response from parents since inception only. So far, this school has received more than 300% growth in terms of number of enrollments. To take this growth story to next level, Extension of Creative Minds Pre School has been launched by the name – Creative Minds Global School. This school is being run and managed under G. G. Memorial Education and Social Welfare Society.
Creative Minds Global School is the result of Mrs. & Mr. Madnani’s commitment to set up an exemplary institution which not only imparts excellent education but which also works tirelessly in developing universal human values in its students.

Creative Minds Global School

Working to bring significant changes in online-based learning by doing extensive research for course curriculum preparation, student engagements, and looking forward to the flexible education!