Pre School

“Every child, every single child, has the capacity to excel..........We believe education must be fostered within - it stems from connecting not directing.”

The desire to make a meaningful contribution to society is a goal, which can drive you to accomplish something great. Only a literate, critically thinking young population will be able to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth in the country. Schools are the primary platform for delivering this. Thus On 1st April 2012, Two visionaries Mr. Vikas & Mrs. Sneha Madnani, laid the foundation of their dream project: Creative Minds Pre School (A unit of Glass & Gold Education Pvt Ltd).

Renowned for its innovative activities and unique teaching style, Creative Minds Pre School received phenomenal response from parents since inception only. So far, this school has received more than 300% growth in terms of number of enrollments.

Why Pre-School?

Young children have an incredible ability to learn. Their brains are remarkably sharp and that necessitates the provision of an environment to foster learning at this young age. In today’s socio-economic context, it is recommended by the experts’ child educators and researchers that only a pre-school with a holistic knowledge environment and right infrastructure in association with parents can ensure quality grooming.

What Makes Us Different?

There are pre-schools and pre-schools and pre-schools, but the need of the hour is a pre-school that acknowledges play as primary to a child and synonymous to childhood. We understand this law of nature and hence in pursuit to enhance the essence of childhood, we hereby introduce our first venture Creative Minds Pre-School - a thoughtfully conceptualized and designed model for new generation learners .Our Pre-School will offer enriching opportunities for our young inquisitive minds to quench their thirst for playing and learning at the same time.

Creative Minds Pre-school is synonymous with Excellence in Preschool Education. Our teaching methodologies are a happy blend of Reggio Emilia, Kindergarten and Montessori. We use center and theme based education to enhance and enrich our curriculum.

We would emphasize on play in an environment where children can play little facilitators to their development, take a lead, discuss, follow and get together to learn with their guiding facilitators and playmates.

Our curriculum would focus on developing the child’s personality by giving a rich environment, blended with age appropriate activities that weave the attractive teaching and learning aids skillfully to foster holistic development. Our approach signifies the developmental saga of a child wherein he / she steps in with blues of separation anxiety and ascends the academic ladder towards school with cheer and confidence. We ensure all round development of kids which includes –

Emotional Development – Comprehending feelings of self and others, managing emotions as well as expressing appropriately.

Physical Development – – Encompasses the gross motor as well as the fine motor skills with the overall growth and development of the physique.

Intellectual Development – The process of making sense of the world which involves the cognitive processes like investigating, thinking, reasoning, analyzing, comprehensions etc.

Creative Development – Ideational fluency and originality with innovative ways.

What We Offer?

The programme objective is to promote and motivate self expression, exploration and experimentation to blossom child innate talent. The play equipments and learning aids are specially designed to accelerate the developmental process

In order to cater and promote the harmonious learning experience, the program is complimented with age appropriate developments

  • Playgroup Age 2 to 3 years
  • Nursery    Age 3 to 4 years
  • Jr. Kg         Age 4 to 5 years
  • Sr. Kg        Age 5 to 6 years

The unique learning programmes are disseminated by the trained facilitators. Our Facilitators are researchers, tutor, guide and mentor to our little ones who all set to explore the colorful and interesting environment .They lead them towards enriching experiences and often follow the inquisitive minds in their quest for knowledge reasoning ,creative thinking and self exploration .